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fb videoVideo to Facebook (Ads) is a tool that allows you to upload videos on your Facebook page quickly and easily. The application supports submission queues, enabling upload multiple files in an organized manner. You can also configure options relating to privacy, choosing the people who can view your videos.

Above you gave a full description on the Video to Facebook (Ads) and its features, know now what we think of him
Video to Facebook (Ads) is a tool that helps you upload videos on your Facebook. The great advantage of the app is the ability to create send queues, which allows you to select multiple files at the same time.

The program’s interface is very intuitive and well organized. If you throw your device, you can view the list of videos available on your gadget in the left corner of the program. When choosing a file, all configuration parameters – such as name, privacy etc. – appear clearly.

During our test, the app did upload the selected videos in an agile and fast, respecting the privacy parameters selected. The program has no limitation as a matter of fact, only advertisements are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Video to Facebook (Ads) is an interesting tool. Although the official Facebook application for Android already allows sharing videos, the possibility of selecting multiple files and create a submission queue is a welcome i am attached 6 links for the tools