Alarmr : Intelligent alarm clock

Alarmr is a differentiated alarm clock and full of interesting functions. He can play his favorite music to wake you up and then show the first news of your favorite newspapers, plus the day’s weather forecast.

He has a nice visual, which can be configured according to your preference, and brings an alarm that can be repeated every day and also regressive counters to mark time for a NAP during the day isolated. choose how you want to rest and let him wake you later!

As soon as you wake up, the first vision is the app screen, with soft colours and simple elements, perfect for the way your brain while he makes the transition from sleep. It is possible to see what will the weather be like during the day and read what their favorite portals are talking early in the morning.


Our Opinion

Our opinion Above you gave a complete description about the Alarmr-Intuitive alarm clock and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
If you want an alarm clock nice and easy to configure, the Alarmr application is a good option. He has some tools that cause him to win prominence and deserve at least be tested, but some points could be improved so that it becomes even more interesting.

Extra options and impeccable visual

In addition to being a normal alarm, which can be configured with your favourite music or other sound from a list, it has some functions that deserve attention. The pazzles unlock screen alarm clock are good so that you know what you are doing and really need to wake up, don’t just turn the sound off and go back to sleep.

In addition, the news shown earlier are a good way to keep track of what is happening in the world: you can select any country portals and read the news still lying in bed. It shows the events from your calendar and also a weather forecast, so that you know how to get dressed before leaving the House.

What could be better

Despite being easy to set up, some options are missing. For example, the application icon is all the time in the Windows taskbar notifications, even when there is no alarm set. If there is an option to take it away, she are so well hidden that it was not possible to find it during the tests.

Another suggestion to further improve the alarm would be if the user could configure a radio to play in place of music, to be awakened every day with the morning news without having to even read what’s happening in the world.

Even with these details, it is worth testing the application to see its advantages and how it can help you to not waste any more time for work!