All India Radio Live

There are times when all we want to do is push a single button and listen to our favorite songs without worrying about settings, playlists and other complex functions, doesn’t it?

Was thinking about this issue of simplicity and individuality that Nokia decided to rearrange your famous Nokia Music application, changing his name to All India Radio Live.

The new software enables you to create a kind of “radio station” personalized with your favorite artists songs, without the need to insert a large number of information manually. Simply specify at first, two or three bands that you enjoy so that the app automatically go touching other melodies that may interest you. Through the buttons “making out” and “discuss”, you’re casting the channel according to your preference.

Discover more music
In addition to creating your own radio with your favorite musicians, you can listen to special-interest channels ready and discover new songs of various styles (blues, samba, MPB, jazz, pop etc.). The best, however, is the possibility of “Download” a channel to hear him offline, preventing you to be unable to listen to music when I’m without internet connection. You can also bookmark and share (through social networks) their favorite stations.

Just like in the old Nokia Music, the All India Radio Live allows you to listen to your own MP3 songs stored on the mobile phone, as well as buy new albums through an official online store.

Above you gave a full description about its features, be aware and All India Radio Live now what we think of him
The aim of Nokia to launch the All India Radio Live was to show that a music app does not need to be necessarily complex or full of secondary resources-quite the contrary. There is nothing more pleasant than to push a single button and listen to all your favorite songs at random, simply rely on intelligent curation software able to “learn” our personal tastes.

The first point that in pleasing the new application is the interface, which is much more attractive and elegant than found in obsolete Nokia Music. Now, she is divided into only three screens and features the most compact way functions, facilitating the meeting of key features. When a song is playing, the background of the app is decorated with a random image of their band or artist.

The “intelligence” of the program is another point that we liked a lot. The radio stations can suit your taste in music in a matter of few minutes, getting even better with the passage of time. The sound quality is excellent and, depending on the speed of your internet plan, navigation between songs is really light and fluid.

If you’ve used the Nokia Music and relished the functionalities of the application, there’s no reason not to migrate to All India Radio Live. But if you’re new to the service, know that it’s past time to try it. More than OK!