BeautyPlus – Magical Camera

beautyBeautyPlus-Magical Camera is the perfect tool for people who like to publish your photos on social networks. Through various specific filters and adjustment tools, the app can let you more beautiful and captivating.

Before you start, just take a picture in the “Portrait” Selft or select a file from your gallery in “Beautify”. All tools are arranged in a bar at the bottom of the screen.

The application allows you to brighten dark environments using one of the available filters (“edit”), smooth images (“Skin”) and even clean patches on the skin (“Acne”). After making the desired settings in the photos, you can share it via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Above you gave a full description on the BeautyPlus-Magical Camera and its features, know now what we think of him
If you are looking for an image editor specially designed to make your photos more beautiful and seductive, the BeautyPlus-Magical Camera has a good set of tools that won’t disappoint.

The app interface is very intuitive and easy to use, because all the tools are positioned in one place. In addition, image processing is fast and you can always compare the changes by clicking “Compare”.

Another feature which adds points to the utility is that various tools show a magnifying glass when you hold your finger against the screen. In this way, it is easier to perform a quality issue by applying the filters only in the places needed.

The possibility of sharing the result quickly in any social network also draws attention because you don’t waste any time opening external applications to perform this work.