Calley – Automatic Call Dialer for Android Smart Phones

Are you organizing a party or an event? Do you have to make hundreds of call? Are you tired of making calls manually? Well, if you answered any of the questions with a Yes, then the answer to your problem is Calley. It is basically an application which can help you in making calls automatically. The application can help you in reducing the workload and hence making things quick for you. Let us now look at the features of the application along with how the application actually works.
Features of Calley
• The application is specifically for the people who need to make bulk calls and this application basically reduces the labor by automatically making the calls one by one.
• The application is installed on your phone and it makes the calls through your phone. You get the option to reschedule the call later or you can even add the notes to the call after making a call.
• The application has a very simple user interface which makes it quite easy to call the people on the list and the pain of dialing the number is reduced.
• The application also displays the data in form of a pie chart which basically represents the number of calls you have made, the number of calls you are yet to make and the number of calls that has been rescheduled.
• You can click on next call button in the application to call the next person on the list and you can also click on pause calling button to take a lunch break or to take a t
• ea brake. This is surely one of the best features in the application.

How does Calley Work
To use the application, the user would first have to create an account on Once the account has been created, the user can simply go ahead and upload an excel file to the server. The excel file should contain the list of the calls that the user is supposed to make.
Now, the user can simply launch the mobile application and sync the list from the server. Once the list has been synced, the user can go ahead and click on the Start Calling button. This will enable the user to make calls automatically without any manual interference.
After each call, the user will get an option to reschedule the call and to add the notes to the call. The rescheduled calls can be accessed later and the calls can be made accordingly.
General Review and System Requirements
In terms of the general review, the application has an overall rating of 4.2 stars and most of the people have loved the application a lot. As per the reviews from the people, the application has helped the users in calling the clients with ease and it has certainly reduced the workload on them. The only system requirement of the application is that it requires an Android 3.0 or above.
Click on the link below to download the application and ease off your workload.