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Children learning to Cook have healthier eating habits

Obesity is a devastating disease that is widespread, reaching different cultures and social classes. It is characterized as a chronic inflammatory disease that is a precursor to, or is associated with, a set of modern diseases such

Live longer and better? The Mediterranean diet is the answer.

The Mediterranean diet is an eating pattern typical of populations living near the Mediterranean Sea (southern Europe) and have several elements in common, as the dominant consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, fish and olive oil.

Physical inactivity can be more harmful than obesity

The level of physical activity has consistently been associated with reducing the risk of mortality from all causes. Previous studies suggest that physical activity protects against premature death in people with normal body mass index, but does

After all, cancer is really a matter of chance?

A survey published at the end of last year caused controversy by claiming that the “bad luck” is one of the factors that cause most cancer, more even than known risks, as the habit of smoking. Since

Have a happy childhood leaves the heart healthier

A survey in Finland shows that the welfare of children can have an impact on health throughout life. According to the study, published Monday in Circulation, the American Heart Association Journal, live positive psychological experiences in childhood