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Fast Search ( Search Everything )

Search Everything is an application to provide a search engine for your Android that can be accessed easily.With it, you can get results taking into account everything that is on your smartphone, including contacts, applications, music and

Nox App Player

The Noxapp Player is a program that “transforms” your PC on an Android device. The software allows you to take advantage of the operating system of Google as if you were using any smartphone or tablet. The


The fans and football lovers now have an official platform to monitor, on a cell phone, the games broadcast by SportsTV television channel. Counting on the coverage of major championships accompanied by Brazilian, SportsTV Goals brings live

Here Offline Map

HERE is a map service that has social services and routes for you get faster to your destination. It shows strong traffic points, indicates alternative paths and even enables save offline maps for use in international travel,

SOMA Messenger

Using SMS was the most common way to communicate by cell phones until recently. However, with the popularity of smartphones, several messaging applications emerged, facilitating life-and pocket-of people. After all, why pay by internet and by messages