Audio Recorder and Editor

echo1To you who always makes audio recordings with the smartphone, an application such as Skyro Voice Recorder can be interesting.

It is a voice recorder like many others, though witty and with extra functionality, as its developer already writes in the app description.

When you start the application, you will be presented with an interface completely in Portuguese, and with a few icons, without any presence of ads – despite the app be free and also offer a paid version with more features. Paid mode, we find the possibility of choosing other themes for the interface, to achieve understanding of long files to make them smaller and synchronization options and recording through Bluetooth.

Recording in a different way
When you touch the microphone icon, the recording is initiated. You can pause it at any given time to continue after and even capture photos while the audio is being recorded-there are no restrictions to exit the application. After the end of the recording, you can create a slideshow with images made during registration of sound. Including these photos can be used in own cell library, illustrating better the recorded audio.

Audio details captured are also specified by Skyro, as the date and place in which it was registered. You can sort the file into different categories to find it better then, if many audios are recorded. There are the following tags: Work, personal, Family, and School. The recordings can be shared on WhatsApp, Dropbox, Skype and other software via the typical sharing button.

Skyro Voice Recorder is a practical and functional application for audio recording, which can definitely help you more than the native writer who comes installed on smartphones by default. He is entirely in Portuguese, which is a big plus point.

Moreover, it is free, it does not display ads and provides a simple visual, with few icons on screen and ease-of-use of the app, creating sleek looks. One of the major differentiators of the app is the ability to insert images on the recordings and create slideshows that make the most interesting audio.

For example, you can use images that are already saved in the phone or register photographs while the audio itself is being registered. The easy sharing of these audios is also something simple, easy and fast to be done – another plus point. As much as there is a paid version of Skyro Voice Recorder, no need to spend on the app if you want to make use of key features.

The paid app you will be able to choose other themes for the interface, to achieve understanding of long files to make them smaller and enable synchronization options and recording through Bluetooth. For those who want the basics, the free application of Skyro already offers a simple, fast and efficient software to be used by anyone.