Fast Search ( Search Everything )

Search Everything is an application to provide a search engine for your Android that can be accessed easily.With it, you can get results taking into account everything that is on your smartphone, including contacts, applications, music and more.

The program can be a great alternative for those looking for a search engine different from the present. The results are brought in and the application has support for realtime search (that is, the entries start to appear as you type the desired keyword).

Quick search

search-everythingOnce installed the application is ready for use. However, you can modify a number of preferences in the options of the program in order to let it more according to your personal taste. Among them, it is possible to define, inclusive, the maximum number of each type submitted suggestions on the results.

In addition, you can configure the search preferences for applications, contacts, artists, albums and songs individually. Similarly, you can modify the way in which is displayed the bar that represents the program on the screen. There are options to change the color and modify the weight of it as desired.

Search Everything brings an alternative to existing search engine on your Android. However, the program does not do research among its text files or photos, for example. However, between what is located through the software are your contacts, applications, songs, artists and albums.

A very interesting point is that the program allows you to make personalized settings for each of these items. Even among these preferences, you can modify the amount of tips displayed on the results and choose the standards applied to the research, as the category to which the element fetched belongs.

The number of possible customizations as well as the functions that can be modified varies by category. The program settings are very simple and, in most cases all you need to do is to check (or uncheck) an option. Similarly, even those that require some padding normally require only that you indicate a number