FIOCRUZ thinks Superbug in river of South Carpenter


Researchers at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) found a Superbug in the polluted waters of the Carioca River, which passes through several neighborhoods of the city of Rio de Janeiro and empties at the beach of Flamengo. This is the KPC, bacteria resistant to antibiotics that is usually detected in hospital environments.

In the study, done in July of last year, scientists collected water samples collected in three points of the South: in Largo do Boticário, in Cosme Velho; in Flamengo Park, before the river treatment plant; and at the mouth of the Carioca River, at the point where it flows on Flamengo beach. The results of the analysis were published this weekend by the Fiocruz.

Resistance — according to work Coordinator, Ana Paula Assef, of hospital infection research laboratory of the Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, until now there was no record of contamination by the bacteria among people who attend the locations studied. Even so, says the researcher, it is necessary that the authorities be careful, since the spread of bacteria resistant to antibiotics makes the control of infections and may increase the problem of antibiotic resistance.

“On entering the water where there are bacteria KPC, the bather can be colonized by these microorganisms. Even if they do not get sick at the time, eventually he can carry these bacteria resistant to the environment and to other people, establishing a dissemination cycle “, says Ana Paula.

The KPC can be found living normally in the gut of a person and may cause common diseases such as pneumonia, gastrointestinal or urinary infection. However, about 20% of the micro-organism contamination may not be overcome by any antibiotic. According to a survey by the Ministry of health, the bacteria killed 106 people in 2010 and 2011 in India.

“Dive into a river where there are bacteria KPC is like diving into a polluted river. The problem is that, in the case of a possible infection, it is possible that the treatment requires an approach of hospitalization “, says Ana Paula.

Second alert — this isn’t the first time scientists warn of the presence of KPC in Rio de Janeiro. In 2010, Fiocruz published an article pointing out the presence of the Superbug in hospital sewage carioca even after it has gone through treatment. Now, the new research indicates that the path taken by the microorganism in the city, led by the Carioca River to the Flamengo beach.

According to the experts, there are two possibilities to explain the presence of KPC in rio: the bacteria survived the treatment of water or so there was no treatment at that particular period of analysis.