Here Offline Map

hereHERE is a map service that has social services and routes for you get faster to your destination. It shows strong traffic points, indicates alternative paths and even enables save offline maps for use in international travel, for example.

The operation of this application somewhat resembles the Google map, of course, since they are very similar in function. However, he brings some advanced tools of social displacement and local markup, which examine your routine and suggest places nearby, for example.

Voyages and routes
You can plan your trip using the discovery and scheduling tool, that allows you to mark all the places you want to meet, and when you pass close by, he sends a notification. That is, in addition to planning your trip directly to the maps application, you can be sure it will reach the correct destination.

The HERE has, with routes browser you can engage him on a pedestal in the car to receive the instructions and get anywhere quickly. This only works online, so if you are going to a place that the internet may not be so good, take advantage of the existing tool and save that map to be viewed offline as well.

Above you gave a complete description about the HERE and its features, find out now what we think of him
If you’re looking for a new maps application for Android, this is a great alternative. HERE is a solid system, full of social and search options in the neighborhood and can override the official app from Google without heavy losses.

Visual does not disappoint

The look of the maps HERE is very well done and brings several important details like historical buildings, in 3D blocks to make everything more beautiful still. At this point, it is quite distinct from the Google Maps the colors and styles, but it’s so organized and easy to use as the competitor. It doesn’t take more than a minute to be able to dominate the navigation for this app.

When you click the button, it gives several options for navigation, since help find places near to guide you in the car. Most of the functions are automatic and you can find all necessary menus already on the home screen. A small tutorial shows you exactly what to do, so that there should remain no doubt.

Social and good for travel
If you are looking for a map that is at the same time good to discover your city and also for when you are traveling, HERE won’t let you down. He has travel planning tools, including marking of places elsewhere in the world, doing a pre-selection of points to know when you get in that city.

This is very interesting, because HERE is connected with important services such as TripAdvisor, showing who will be hints were there. That is, you can see if it’s worth or not worth going into a new restaurant, for example, according to the reviews left without even having to leave the app maps!

In addition to the reviews and comments, HERE shows pictures of the sites, sent by users or pulled from travel services. That way, you see and know the point you want to visit and can be reassured as to the quality.

If you’re not going to have internet in that city, use offline maps, which are a great way to not let you miss, even in places without 3 g, for example. Must remember to download before boarding, however, or using a WiFi spot at the site, since it needs to be preloaded to work fine as well.