mCent Brower – Get Free Data with Every Website You Visit

We know that there are many browsers available on the World Wide Web and there are certainly many debates claiming one or the other browser to be the best. But you certainly need to try this new browser which is called mCent Browser as this amazing browser awards you with free data for visiting the websites that you love. Does this sound strange? Well, this is strange but this is true. Here is a small review of the browser so that you are able to understand the features of the application in a better way.

Features of mCent Browser

• To begin with, mCent is like any other browser available to you but this browser provides you free data for visiting the website.
• The website lets you earn reward points for using the browser and once you have enough points, you can use the reward point balance to recharge your account. This way you can get a lot of free data every now and then.
• In addition to this, the browser also has all the features and you can also browse the web in the incognito web which would hide all your user information from website owners.
• The browser also has an inbuilt ad blocker and this would help you in blocking the ads which are one of the most irritating parts of the web. The browser also has a pop-up blocker.
• Just like chrome, you can also make home screen shortcuts with this browser and this enables you to save time while accessing some of the websites which you visit frequently.
• Moving ahead, the browser has an own search function which would help you in enhancing the experience with the personalized search and it would save your time.
• The browser also has auto-fill options and you can also save the web pages for the offline browsing. This is certainly helpful when you are planning to travel on a flight. You can access those saved websites and read the articles or the content even while you are offline.
• The download manager of the application has been optimized to offer the best experience to the user and this is one of the best parts of mCent Browser.

Taking about the general reviews on the Android Play Store, the application has an overall rating f 4.4 stars and the application has been reviewed by nearly 2 lakh users. In addition to this, the application has received a 4-star and 5-star reviews from over 1.7 lakh users which is certainly a great thing for a browser.
In terms of installations, the application has a user base of 5 Million to 10 Million users and you can install the browser on any phone that is running on Android 5.0 and above. You can also get the access to free data by simply installing this browser on your Android Phone and Tablet. Click on the download link below to download the mCent Browser.