Justice condemns doctors and entrepreneurs by involvement with prosthetics mafia

The High Court in NewDelhi has sentenced seven people for the crime of misconduct in the field of Orthotics and Prosthetics of the Hospital Amritha medical Institute in Pondichery. With the decision, two doctors, three civil servants

Sedentariness kills twice more than obesity, says study

The number of deaths related to physical inactivity is twice larger than those linked to obesity, according to a survey by the University of Cambridge, in England, published on Wednesday in the journal American Journal of Clinical

In the U S, bone broth is the new green juice

Forget the Green juice. The “superfood” of time in the United States, which promises to offer huge amounts of nutrient to its adherents, is the bone broth. Although, today, to be sold as a new promise for

You’re always hungry? Guilt can be of fructose

Preliminary results of a new survey suggest that fructose can be more harmful than glucose, since it causes a reaction in the brain that increases appetite and causes the individual to eat more sugar. Fructose is a

FIOCRUZ thinks Superbug in river of South Carpenter

Researchers at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) found a Superbug in the polluted waters of the Carioca River, which passes through several neighborhoods of the city of Rio de Janeiro and empties at the beach of Flamengo.