Salt, sugar, hypertension and industrialized food.

Hypertension is one of the major risk factors for cardiovascular disease (heart attack) and stroke (stroke). These diseases are at the top of the ranking of causes of premature death. Therefore, combating hypertension is an effective way to reduce these deaths. For this reason the control of hypertension is one of the main objectives to be achieved by the public health policies worldwide. One of the approaches to this control, the primary is related to lifestyle, where proper diet and physical activity serve as the pillars of these policies.

When it comes to diet, researchers ‘ attention, historically, has focused on the salt. There’s a lot of evidences that prove that excess salt in the modern diet plays a preponderant role in the cause of hypertension. Considering that around 75% of the salt ingested in the diet comes from processed foods or processed, the control of salt intake is becoming increasingly difficult.


Now, a new feature has been added to the relationship between hypertension and processed foods. A study published in early December in the journal Open Heart alert to the entrance of a new character, gift, also in great quantities in processed food (even though often not be perceived)-this villain is generically called sugar. Are the refined carbohydrates – sucrose, glucose, fructose or starch, that is degraded in these simple sugars. The study suggests a series of biological mechanisms by which these sugars, already well known as risk factors for metabolic diseases, may also be directly responsible for the development of hypertension.

The main concern of researchers is that the food industry, while being pressed to reduce the amount of salt in processed foods, has increased, as compensation, the amount of sugar in these foods. In this way, the salt-reduction campaigns don’t surtiriam effect, unlike, could potentially increase the risk of hypertension.
If your question now is: How do I know what is processed food or industrialized? The answer is simple: it is processed or industrialized any food that comes in packaging in a can or in glass.
And, with regard to sugar of different types, the soft drinks and sweetened juices are the most threatening to their health!