SOMA Messenger

somaUsing SMS was the most common way to communicate by cell phones until recently. However, with the popularity of smartphones, several messaging applications emerged, facilitating life-and pocket-of people. After all, why pay by internet and by messages if there is a program that uses the connection to send mobile texts?

SOMA Messenger is a Communicator that uses WiFi or 3 g connection to send them. Just download the utility, confirm your phone number and start using it without the need to report personal data or create accounts.

In addition to messages, make video calls

SOMA Messenger has many other features besides the conventional text messages. One of them is the possibility of making video calls, just like we do in other programs like Skype and Facebook Messenger.

In addition to this important point, the utility allows users to share files, make phone calls and send audio messages, all for free. All functions of SOMA Messenger are free of fees or annual renewals.

Fun in group is double the fun

Several messaging applications have the ability to group chats. However, SOMA Messenger offers a better structure for this kind of talk, and can combine up to 500 people in a same room. In addition, you can make calls in group, as shared phone calls, putting more than one person on the same line.

Another differentiator of this utility is the speed of sending of messages, which, according to the developer, is the fastest among all apps. This speed of sending and receiving is a product of its own technology, which, in addition to speed, ensures your privacy with encryption tools.

Why spend money with SMS and phone calls when we can use the internet connection to do it for free? SOMA Messenger is an instant messaging application that allows file sharing, group chats, calls and video calls, all without paying anything.

Video calling is a good differentiator

Basically, this utility is very similar to the famous WhatsApp. He sends text messages, mark the messages as read and so on. However, he has a very large differential: video calls.

The feature works well and is very similar to what we’ve seen on Skype. Just have the person in your contact list and call for her to communicate by video. The same goes for audio calls, similar to conventional telephone calls.

Where do I know that?

It is hard to create new features that competitors haven’t already released. The video calls are a good attempt to improve and give prominence to the app. However, the entire design is inspired by the WhatsApp. The interface is green, has practically the same tabs and the icon is practically equal to that of another runner.

If you look quickly, it is difficult to distinguish which is which. It’s understandable include resources alike, it’s a little weird to resemble the aesthetics. Because she’s pretty much the same, the qualities are reflected: good organization, easy to use and intuitive navigation.

Attention to the groups

The ability to talk in groups has become increasingly popular among internet messengers. SOMA Messenger goes a little beyond the competitors and offers more attractive. The app community chats support up to 500 concurrent people, five times more than the WhatsApp supports.

In addition to the large amount of users in one place, the utility offers links into groups, such as the Skype conferences.

In addition, it works great in all situations, being very fast and lightweight to run on smartphones. All features are free and free of charges.

If you are looking for an application that has a few more features that WhatsApp, SOMA Messenger is a good option. Although few people use a web version and be very similar to the competitor, this page offers key features and leaves no wish unfulfilled.