Statin does not cause memory problems, says study

The use of statin drug that helps reduce cholesterol rate, does not affect cognitive skills and memory, revealed a major study published on Saturday in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.
The search result is contrary to the recommendation of the FDA, the American Agency that regulates food and drugs. In 2012, the FDA determined that the packaging labels that inform statin drug use can cause cognitive problems.

Review — the researchers analyzed 25 studies investigating the relationship between treatment with Statin and mental abilities. In total, the research included 46836 people.

They found that the use of the Statin did not alter significantly the mental capacity, both in individuals with normal functioning of the brain, as in those with Alzheimer’s.

For the researchers, the benefit provided by the drug overcomes its adverse effects. They claim that the mental changes reported by the FDA were caused by overdoses of statin. “The FDA alert on the effect of Statins on cognitive functions is questionable,” said Brian r. Ott, co-author of the study and professor at Brown University, in the United States.


It is during sleep that the memory and learning if you consolidate. In the phase called REM, the brain gathers information and souvenirs acquired on the day and repeats to himself — that is, reactivates the neural circuits used during the day. From there, the content migrates to the so-called long-term memory. “By day, information is messy in the brain. In the restful sleep, they organize themselves and begin to make sense. This process causes the person don’t forget what he studied, for example, “explains Edson Issamu Yokoo, neurologist of St. Camillus Hospital Network of São Paulo. So, a good night’s sleep is a recurring advice for students.