Text on photo Android App

TextOnPhotoText on photo is an image editor that brings all the tools necessary for you to add stylish texts in their favorite photos. The first time you start the app, it is possible to take a photograph in time or select an image from the gallery.

When the figure is loaded, just tap twice on any part of it to add a text. Color options, size and shade are accessed through the toolbar of base. You can also do some basic issues, such as brightness, saturation and contrast, for example. In addition, there are some filters to modify the overall look.

The last button of the base, you still find many stylish stickers to add. Touching the blue button with the “+” sign, is open an inventory with new options that can be downloaded free of charge in real time.

When you have finished moving in your photo, tap the button “Share” from the upper right corner. Its inception is recorded at the gallery in “Save” and you can also share it on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks installed on your Android. Stay tuned to uncheck the checkbox “Add watermark application”, thus preventing your photos get a watermark of the application.

Above you gave a complete description about the Text on photo-text on photo and its functionalities, know now what we think of him Text on photo is a complete platform for photo editing that, although conte with filters, frames and even adhesives, has its focus on inserting and editing of texts, allowing the creation of professional posters and all sorts of message.

Organized and beautiful
At first glance, the RC app PLATFORM draws attention by visual bonito and the intuitiveness of the icons. After a few minutes of exploration, however, what stands out is the Organization of the features on the toolbar of the base.

All editing options are grouped in one place for easy handling of the editor and also ensuring that the largest part of the screen is for the rendering of the photo. However, one feature that takes the points program is that only the vertical (portrait) mode is supported, making the modification of photos taken horizontally (landscape). This limitation also affects usability in tablets, which are used more often in bed.

A full option
Regarding quality of tools, Text on photo won’t disappoint even the most demanding people. Who is familiar with genre apps soon realizes that resources are comprehensive and well the multitouch gesture support facilitates the resizing and rotation of texts.

The large number of inline sources is phenomenal and the possibility to download even more free items causes the Text on photo to consolidate as one of the most complete options category.