Forgot to send a warranty? Try this app

warranteerMost consumers buy electronics not to fill out the warranty form and forward it to a friend, or find it difficult to find the receipt to product. An Israeli start-up called Warranteer is trying to revolutionize this domain using the new application for smartphones. (IPhone)/(Android)

“Until now only about 4% of the clients were filling and sending vouchers to importer,” says Avishai Paris, ceo and founder. “Our new system this number has been increased to 40% among importers who work with us.”

Warranteer following application to resolve the customer two issues: first, the application allows scanning of receipts for purchases and their storage in the cloud in an orderly manner with the product name, photo and expiration Your warranty.

Because the information is stored in the cloud, the customer always have quick and easy access to it. “About 90% of the customers keep their invoices in our system, which teaches that people are probably looking for a way to keep all your invoices in an orderly and secure,” says Paris.

The second problem is that the warranty form submission to importer, which allows an importer to update the customer in terms of warranty extension, information about Labs locations and sales of related products, or consumables. The app also can find instructions booklets and instructional videos for products.

The app includes a pool of 600,000 products quickly. In case the product is not found, you can enter the details. It offers automatic expiry reminders, enabling customers to take advantage of the warranty before it ended and navigate to Service points of importers.

In some imports may also coordinate the collection of the product for repair, when others can rate the professional level of the installer.

Warranteer service that offers customers free Android app, when the payment she receives from the importer, while allowing him to appeal directly to the customer. Some imports in the country have already started to promote the app using a sticker or a little.