World Cup Cricket 2015

You might not even know the rules of cricket, a sport considered too similar to baseball, and quite popular in countries like England, India and Pakistan. However, not so much you will cease to be fun with World Cup Cricket 2015, a champion in your genre and which is available in DEMO version for testing.

Download the game is simple. Just click the download button and select one of the available sources. You will download a compressed folder in.RAR. Unzip its contents and click the executable file. The installation is slow and may take a few minutes, but just follow the step by step to install the game.

In our test, at the time of unpacking, a message came up indicating that there was a corrupt file. However, after completed the extraction, the game might be installed normally.

With graphics very well detailed and several game modes, World Cup Cricket 2015 is one of the most complete games of the genre. However, in this DEMO version, all you can do is to compete in a friendly match between the national teams of England and Australia – two of the best in the world.


All game commands are displayed before the start of the match. The controls are varied, according to its positioning (defense or attack). In cricket, the objective is to score more runs (runs) than the opposing team. The game is divided into innings (innings) in which a team rebate (bats) and the other bowls (bowls).

In addition, there are some special moves that can be made with combined commands. In the range of some tips that are displayed and you can gradually improve their style of play in what is considered a noble sport.

Above you gave a complete description about the World Cup Cricket 2015 and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Although with very detailed graphics and good quality,World Cup Cricket 2015 is one of those games that must pass almost unnoticed here in the country because the sport is very little known. However, in any way that takes its merits.

The DEMO version of the game offers only a friendly match between the best two teams in the sport. It’s not much, but enough so that the user can see all the elements of the game that the game presents.

An alert is at install time and its consequent implementation. To run on maximum quality the game requires plenty of processing power and memory on your PC. If your machine is not a bit above the minimum settings, surely you will notice some occasional crashes throughout the match.